Robbery and Armed Robbery-related crimes are felony offenses in Arizona and may carry a mandatory prison sentence, depending on the charge. Arizona has three separate theories of Robbery:

  1. Robbery pursuant to A.R.S. §13-1902
  2. Aggravated Robbery pursuant to A.R.S. §13-1903
  3. Armed Robbery pursuant to A.R.S. §13-1904

Robbery Offenses Require a Forceful Taking of Property

All Robbery theories require “taking property from another” with force or threats.  Generally, the alleged victims play a large role in these prosecutions, often driving plea negotiations.  As a result, Arizona prosecutors generally make harsh plea offers that call for lengthy prison sentences, especially for an Armed Robbery.  Indeed, all Robbery offenses place a person in a horribly compromised situation and in need of experienced representation.

Why Choose Huss Law?

Jeremy L. Huss, has two decades of experience with Robbery offenses.  Some of Mr. Huss’ most memorable and important cases and trials as a prosecutor involved detailed investigations into armed robbery allegations.  Mr. Huss is familiar with law enforcement policy and procedure in response to, and investigation of armed robberies.  Indeed, this unique knowledge ensures a thorough defense investigation and possible follow-up on any potential law enforcement error.  Mr. Huss is familiar with Robbery prosecutions due to his 13 years as an Arizona prosecutor. As a result, he will identify every issue that could impact his client. These issues include potential Miranda violations, whether a statement was voluntary, or whether law enforcement legally obtained evidence through a warrant or warrantless search.  Mr. Huss’ lengthy background and fruitful experience in robbery-related investigations and prosecutions is second to no other defense attorney in Arizona.