A person charged with Domestic Violence in Arizona faces dire consequences. Specifically, offenses ranging from Domestic Homicide down to a Class 3 Misdemeanor are eligible for the domestic violence (DV) designation. Arizona Revised Statute §13-3601 is a comprehensive statute defining and classifying DV offenses. Indeed, a DV designation added to eligible crimes and based on a relationship.

Domestic violence convictions carry significant penalties. Specifically, a mere misdemeanor domestic violence charge may impact a person’s job or living situation. Even worse, a misdemeanor conviction carries incarceration and stringent counseling requirements.

Retaining Huss Law as Domestic Violence Counsel

One should retain an experienced and knowledgeable attorney if under investigation for a DV offense in Arizona. Indeed, the State will use all of its resources in these types of cases. Further, the more serious the offense the more resources will be expended. As a result, it is important to have experienced representation.

Jeremy Huss has two decades of experience and is an expert in handling Arizona DV cases.  Mr. Huss has prosecuted and defended numerous complex DV cases, including several domestic homicides, and aggravated assaults.

During his 13 years as an Arizona felony prosecutor, Mr. Huss guided many law enforcement investigations of serious domestic violence cases, ranging from Murder, Kidnapping, and Aggravated Assault to Misdemeanor Domestic Assault, Disorderly Conduct and Trespassing.  As a former prosecutor, Mr. Huss has a unique perspective.  Mr. Huss also knows how to approach these cases, investigate them, negotiate them, and try them, if necessary.  Mr. Huss’ only concern is to place his clients in the best position to most favorably resolve the case.   

Misconceptions about Domestic Violence Cases

DV offenses may be based on embellished, exaggerated and emotional allegations. And many people feel the State will dismiss the charges if the alleged DV victim has forgiven and “recanted” their story. Regardless, the State, with its endless resources, will prosecute the case whether there is a cooperating victim or not. Also, whether or not the allegations are true, an accused must take initiative and protect their rights immediately. Retaining an attorney experienced in Arizona DV trial work is imperative. Indeed, Attorney Jeremy Huss is as experienced and knowledgeable as any Arizona Criminal Attorney.  Call Huss Law today for a Free Consultation!