Arizona vigorously investigates and prosecutes crimes against children.  The most frequently charged categories of Arizona child crimes are Sex Crimes, Aggravated Assault, Child Abuse and Child Homicide.

A.R.S. §13-705 is the Dangerous Crimes Against Children Statute (“DCAC”). Indeed, this enhancement may require mandatory consecutive (stacked one on top of the other) prison sentences. Moreover, a completed DCAC (not an attempt) may call for a “flat” sentence where one must serve 100% of the incarceration. In addition, Child Sex crimes are not eligible for the Domestic Violence designation, but Aggravated Assault, Child Abuse and Homicide are.

Crimes Against Children Prosecutions

Crimes against children in Arizona are high stakes and carry significant consequences, negatively impacting a person’s life. Also, esoteric law, child crimes experts, seasoned investigators, and difficult child witnesses/victims increase the difficulty of these cases. In addition, child crimes are a top-priority for Arizona prosecutor’s offices. Extended plea offers resulting in liberty and life-long consequences reflect these harsh policies. Indeed, one’s only options may be entering a decade plus prison plea, or trial with lengthier mandatory sentencing ranges. A person under investigation or charges for child crimes in Arizona should only consider an attorney competent with these offenses.

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Jeremy L. Huss has spent two decades handling the most complicated crimes against children.  Indeed, Mr. Huss worked closely with law enforcement investigating and prosecuting child crimes. Mr. Huss utilizes this invaluable experience to the benefit of his clients. Specifically, Mr. Huss is knowledgeable with the law involving child crimes. This includes the research experts testify to at trial and the tactics used by seasoned detectives during child crimes investigations. Mr. Huss also has preeminent cross-examination abilities and can effectively elicit testimony from child witnesses and victims.  Mr. Huss’ skill in these areas provides the basis for a most effective defense, which may also include an identification of issues surrounding Miranda and whether a suspect’s statements were voluntary.  As a former child crimes prosecutor, Mr. Huss has the experience and knowledge to defend these cases and effectively navigate through a State prosecution.