The crimes of Assault and Aggravated Assault are serious offenses in Arizona that could result in incarceration.  Assault in Arizona is a Class 3 misdemeanor through dangerous Class 2 Felony. A mere Assault charge has severe consequences. And a conviction has negative far-reaching implications. As such, retaining only an attorney with sufficient knowledge and experience in Arizona assault law is necessary.


A.R.S. §13-1203(A)(1)-(3) defines Misdemeanor Assault. This crime provides the basic elements for all Felony Aggravated Assaults, defined under A.R.S. §13-1204(A)-(B). In addition, Assault and most Aggravated Assaults are Domestic Violence eligible offenses. This designation adds consequences to a person’s sentence, such as 26 weeks of domestic violence classes and potential incarceration.

An Arizona criminal conviction for Assault or Aggravated Assault carries life-long consequences, including a potential of several years in prison.  A person also faces a loss of civil rights and a possibility of several years on probation. An Assault case could be defensible, and dependent on a sloppy or erroneous police investigation. Or it may be based on the biased word of a dishonest and motivated witness.  Indeed, one should only consult with and retain an attorney experienced with issues an assault case in Arizona may present. 

Hire Huss Law As Your Assault Attorney

Huss Law’s founding attorney, Jeremy L. Huss, has been handling Arizona assault and aggravated assault cases for 20 years.  Mr. Huss is familiar with law enforcement strategies and tactics used during these investigations, as well as the difficulties the State may have with uncooperative and/or evolving witness statements at trial.  Due to some of these complications, only an attorney experienced and well-versed with these types of issues should be relied upon.  Indeed, Mr. Huss has been lead counsel and has obtained successful trial verdicts in numerous assault trials and aggravated assault jury trials.  He has years of “in the trenches” experience with law enforcement assault investigations as well as dealing with proof issues and non-cooperative witnesses in assault trials. 

The attorneys at Huss Law are uniquely situated to put their clients in the best position to favorably resolve their cases.