Q: Should I represent myself in a criminal case?

A: Every person has a constitutional right to represent themselves.  However, it is imperative that you consult with and retain knowledgeable and experienced counsel to navigate you through the Arizona criminal justice system.  There are customs and practices in courts that local attorneys are familiar with that you may not know.  Huss Law’s founding attorney, Jeremy L. Huss, has 20 years of experience in the trenches of the Arizona criminal justice system.  With this experience, Mr. Huss will investigate your case thoroughly and place you in the best position possible to favorably resolve your case.

Q: Do you offer a free initial consultation?

A: Yes, Huss Law offers a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

Q: Does your practice focused primarily on criminal law?

A: Yes.  Jeremy L. Huss has spent 20 years engrossed in Arizona criminal litigation.  Mr. Huss was a 13 year Arizona felony prosecutor and has experience and expertise with every type of criminal offense in Arizona.  Mr. Huss has tried many major felonies, including many  homicides, to jury verdict and is a seasoned criminal trial lawyer. 

Q: How long have you practiced criminal law?

A: Jeremy L. Huss has been practicing criminal law in Arizona since 2003.

Q: Are you a former prosecutor? How does it help me?

A: Huss Law’s founding attorney, Jeremy L. Huss, spent 13 years in an Arizona prosecutor’s office handling major felonies for well over a decade.  The length of time Mr. Huss spent in the prosecutor’s office places him in a different category than most former prosecutors who are now using their skills to defend the rights of individuals.  Many defense attorneys who advertise they were “former prosecutors” maybe spent 3-5 years in a prosecutor’s office.  Although one can obtain great experience in 3-5 years, Mr. Huss’ decade plus of being lead counsel in many major felony trials provides him with unique insight and approach as to how these cases are approached by a prosecutor and what facts are relevant to defend and/or mitigate a case.

Q: How often do you appear at the courthouse where my case will be heard?

A: Huss Law represents clients in every court throughout Arizona. In addition, with Mr. Huss’ background as a prosecutor and experiences as a defense attorney, he personally knows many of the judges and prosecutors in Arizona, which is uniquely beneficial to his clients.

Q: How long does a criminal case take?

A: The length of a criminal defense case varies depending on the types of charges our clients are facing.  With Mr. Huss’ extensive Arizona criminal law experience, he will investigate your case thoroughly and leave no stone unturned.