Arizona treats Theft and Fraud seriously.  A.R.S. §13-1802 criminalizes Theft, and A.R.S. §13-2310 defines Fraudulent Schemes and Aritifices.  Theft is as a Class 1 Misdemeanor through a Class 2 Felony depending on the alleged loss.  Whereas Fraudulent Schemes is always a Class 2 Felony. 

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Theft and Fraud Investigations & Prosecutions

Experienced financial detectives investigate these crimes. Indeed, these investigations are intensive, and heavily dependent upon bank records, spreadsheets, and other confusing documents.  The evidence accumulated during Fraud investigations is voluminous and require trained eyes to review. Often, this “paper-trail” evidence is substantial against a person. And if the Theft has been going on for a long period of time, the State has multiple-offense enhancement options for felonies. Specifically, the effect of a multiple-offense enhancement is a mandatory prison sentence if convicted of two or more felony counts.

However, there are not always complications in Theft investigations. Theft is as simple as taking a cheap item from a friend, or not returning something. The dollar loss dictates whether the Theft is a misdemeanor or felony, not the complication level. However, complicated investigations usually mean the crime has been occurring for a long period of time. As mentioned, this may result in a multiple-offense enhancement and mandatory prison. It is imperative for anyone who is the target of a Theft or Fraud investigation to consult with an experienced attorney immediately.

Hire Huss Law

Jeremy L. Huss has two decades of experience analyzing, negotiating and handling Arizona Fraud cases.  As an Arizona prosecutor, Mr. Huss worked for years side by side with law enforcement during financial crime investigations.  He gained extensive and valuable experience and insight into law enforcement strategies for these investigations.  In addition, Mr. Huss has been lead counsel in many Theft and Fraud cases and has tried numerous theft cases to Arizona juries.  Mr. Huss understands these crimes, investigations and prosecutions. This understanding puts the Fraudulent Schemes and Theft clients of Huss Law in a unique position.  Call Huss Law for a Free Consultation.