Burglary and Criminal Trespass are Arizona property offenses carrying significant consequences.  All Burglaries are felonies in Arizona. However, Criminal Trespass is either a Misdemeanor or Felony depending on the conduct. For example, entering a residential yard without permission is a misdemeanor, where entering a residence without permission is a felony. Additionally, Criminal Trespass carries a possible Domestic Violence designation.

Arizona Burglary & Criminal Trespass Prosecutions

Experienced detectives generally head up these investigations. Detectives process these types of scenes for finger/shoe prints, DNA or any potential trace evidence left behind. Surveillance videos also assist law enforcement with the investigation but may require enhancements. Additionally, investigators interview victims and all potential witnesses. Indeed, these investigations may be complex and take considerable amounts of time. Indeed, a prosecution for one of these offenses may result in a loss of liberty or other life-long ramifications. It is extremely important to retain an attorney experienced with burglary and criminal trespass investigations if a person finds themselves as the target of a law enforcement investigation.

Why Hire Huss Law?

Huss Law’s founding attorney, Jeremy L. Huss, has spent two decades handling Burglary and Criminal Trespass cases in Arizona.  Mr. Huss has advised law enforcement, and has been lead counsel in countless property offenses. Indeed, Mr. Huss has tried several Burglary and Trespass cases to Arizona juries.  His experience and understanding of Arizona criminal law is unique and beneficial to his clients.

Being the target of a burglary or criminal trespass investigation or prosecution may impact a person’s life.  Retaining an attorney with “in the trenches experience” in law enforcement investigation and prosecution tactics is a huge advantage.  The attorneys at Huss Law have years of burglary and trespass specific experience to not only guide one through a prosecution, but to place that person in as good of a position to resolve the case as anyone.