Person signing paper documents with a pen

Forgery in Arizona is defined in A.R.S. §13-2002. A person commits this crime if, with intent to defraud, a person:

  1. Falsely makes, completes or alters a written instrument, or
  2. Knowingly possesses a forged instrument, or
  3. Offers or presents, whether accepted or not, a forged instrument or one that contains false information.

The mental state required is “intentional” and requires the defendant to intend to defraud. Indeed, the “intent to defraud” mental state provides obvious protection to people who may possess or present the forged document unknowingly or unwittingly. However, there are generally facts and circumstances apparent to a person that an item is forged. As such, merely claiming a person “did not know” of the inauthentic nature is not necessarily a defense if facts present the person should have known.

Arizona Forgery Investigations and Prosecutions

Arizona prosecutes these offenses harshly and seek significant consequences on people. This is due to the fraudulent and deceptive nature inherent in this offense, as well as financial loss to the victim.  These investigations generally involve experienced financial crimes detectives who tunnel vision on a person for an offense.  Consulting with and retaining an attorney experienced in Arizona forgery and related offenses is crucial.

Huss Law’s founding attorney, Jeremy L. Huss, has 20 years experience handling all Arizona crimes.  During his years as a prosecutor, Mr. Huss gained knowledge of Forgery and its related offenses, including how law enforcement investigates it.  He has been lead counsel in countless Forgery cases and has tried them to Arizona juries.  Indeed, Mr. Huss’ significant experience as a long-time felony prosecutor and fruitful experience as defense counsel provides him a unique perspective and position to most effectively represent his clients charged with forgery or its related offenses, Possession of a Forgery Device and Criminal Simulation. Please call Huss Law, PLLC for a Free Forgery Consultation.