Interfering with judicial proceedings is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Arizona.  A person who violates a court order or engages in disruptive court behavior is guilty of this offense. Indeed, there are multiple ways to commit this crime. And the State prosecutes it harshly.

Interfering With Judicial Proceedings Defined

A.R.S. §13-2810 asserts a person is guilty of this offense if the person knowingly:

  1. Engages in disorderly, disrespectful or insolent behavior during the session of a court which directly tends to interrupt its proceedings or impairs the respect due to its authority; or
  2. Disobeys or resists the lawful order, process or other mandate of a court; or
  3. Refuses to be sworn or affirmed as a witness in any court proceeding; or
  4. Publishes a false or grossly inaccurate report of a court proceeding; or
  5. Refuses to serve as a juror unless exempted by law; or
  6. Fails inexcusably to attend a trial at which he has been chosen to serve as a juror.

Prosecution of Offense

The State prosecutes these cases harshly, regardless of how the offense occurred. And a conviction may result in jail time.  Additionally, this is a potential Domestic Violence offense. Indeed, the domestic violence allegation increases the potential consequences. Specifically, a person faces months of counseling and additional jail. Moreover, the victim is generally cooperative with the prosecution. As such, the State is likely to vigorously prosecute and may not make a plea other than to the crime charged. As such, consulting and retaining an attorney that has years of front-line experience with criminal cases in Arizona is an important life decision.  

Jeremy L. Huss has two decades as an Arizona criminal attorney handling interfering with judicial proceedings cases.  He has obtained numerous favorable results on behalf of his clients charged with this offense.