What is Criminal Damage in Arizona?

What is Criminal Damage in Arizona? Criminal damage is either a misdemeanor or felony. This is a serious offense that may result in significant legal consequences, including incarceration, fines and restitution. In addition, criminal damage is a “domestic violence” eligible offense per A.R.S. 13-3601(A). Indeed, the domestic violence designation imposes additional consequences upon a convicted… Read more »


What is Disorderly Conduct in Arizona?

A commonly asked question is what is Disorderly Conduct in Arizona. Indeed, Disorderly conduct is an Arizona criminal offense with a broad definition. Specifically, it includes any behavior disrupting a community’s or community member’s peace and order. This can include a wide range of actions anywhere from yelling and screaming in public to brandishing or… Read more »

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Can A Trial Proceed Without the Victim?

Can a criminal trial proceed without a victim? There is a misconception the State must dismiss the case without victim appearance. Indeed, there are some circumstances the State may proceed to trial and obtain a conviction without a victim’s appearance. However, the dismissal decision depends on the applicability of the rules of evidence and Confrontation… Read more »

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Gun Rights After a Domestic Violence Conviction

People often ask what their gun rights will be after a domestic violence (DV) conviction.  The short answer is there are state and federal restrictions on possessing a firearm.  Indeed, Arizona state law prohibits one from possessing a firearm while on domestic violence probation.   And the federal law prohibits any person with a certain type… Read more »

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Domestic Violence Eligible Crimes

A.R.S. §13-3601(A) details the Domestic Violence (DV) eligible crimes in Arizona. Obviously, not every crime is a DV eligible offense. And not every defendant-victim relationship is domestic. Rather, the DV designation depends on two things: (1) the status of the defendant and victim’s relationship; and (2) whether the conduct falls into a specified category of crimes, discussed… Read more »

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What is Domestic Violence in Arizona?

A Domestic Violence offense is based on the relationship between the defendant and victim.  The reasons for the designation do not depend on the seriousness of the offense. Indeed, people often ask why a charge is “by domestic violence” when there was no violence.  But, domestic violence itself is not a crime. Rather, it is… Read more »