You got a DUI. What now? Should you hire a DUI lawyer? Jeremy Huss, an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona has some guidance for you.

Reasons one Should Hire a DUI Attorney

Despite the hefty mandatory court fines flowing from a DUI conviction, retaining an experienced attorney competent in DUI investigations is always in one’s best interests.  There are a few reasons for this.

First, the most important reason to hire a DUI lawyer is for one to protect their rights and interests.  This sounds like a tag line, but it is very important to consider.  Although the State is under a legal obligation to disclose and present any exculpatory or favorable circumstances to someone charged with a crime, this may not always happen.  An experienced DUI attorney will keep the State to its obligations and make certain the prosecution does not overstep.

The second most important reason to hire an experienced DUI attorney is for assistance in understanding the law.  There are several guidelines and rules law enforcement must follow while completing a DUI investigation, including basis for the vehicle stop.  Also, there are intricacies with the Intoxilyzer breath test and blood draws.  In some cases, it may be found that law enforcement failed to follow proper procedure and this failure may be fatal to the state’s case moving forward.  Retaining an inexperienced DUI attorney or not retaining an attorney at all may result in a person being convicted when they should not have been at all.  

A third important reason to retain an experienced DUI attorney is the attorney does not have an emotional stake in the case.  Consideration to eliminate some emotion in the case is important. As both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I have seen this work negatively against people representing themselves in court. People who represent themselves have an obvious emotional investment in the outcome.  The impacts of this emotional investment are intense and may prevent a person from being able to objectively review their case or effectively negotiate with the prosecutor.  

Benefits of hiring a DUI Lawyer

It is up to each individual if they want to hire a DUI lawyer.  However, for the reasons just discussed, hiring an experienced DUI lawyer is important.  The DUI lawyer will be free from emotion and will protect a person’s rights and interests. The DUI attorney will guide that person through the law and how it applies to their case.

Hiring a DUI Attorney may result in a more favorable reduced sentence. Additionally the result may be an outright dismissal of charges due to a law enforcement error. 

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For these reasons, it is important to consult with and retain an experienced DUI attorney.  Huss Law founding attorney Jeremy Huss has been handling DUI cases for 20 years. Jeremy will place his clients in the best possible position to resolve their cases.

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