The Tempe Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all misdemeanors and traffic offenses occurring within the Tempe city limits. The Tempe Police Department investigates all misdemeanor and felony offenses occurring in Tempe. However, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, or another outside agency may investigate for a limited purpose. Indeed, the Tempe City Prosecutor prosecutes all misdemeanors. And the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office prosecutes all felonies occurring within the city (and entire county).

Misdemeanor convictions may carry life-changing consequences. These consequences are stressful and carry potential loss of liberty. This stress should be taken into account any time one appears in court. Indeed, there are other stressors one must deal with on the day of court. Specifically, one must deal with traffic and parking. The area near this court is busy and congested. In fact, it is close to the Arizona State University campus and can be a confusing place to travel to. Moreover, there is parking in only specific areas and the court may be difficult to locate. This is on top of the stress of getting through security and locating the correct courtroom.

Indeed, this is one of the many reasons a person should consider hiring an attorney to represent interests. Specifically, experienced attorneys know locations and court policies. Moreover, attorneys know the court process and are an objective advocate representing a client’s interests. Hiring an attorney can significantly reduce a person’s stress. Jeremy L. Huss and his associates at Huss Law, PLLC are experienced attorneys who will effectively guide any person charged with a crime. Huss Law, PLLC services Tempe and all of Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

Tempe Municipal Court Parking Garage

This Court is located on Mill Avenue and E 5th St at: 140 E 5th St., Tempe, AZ 85281. The phone number to reach the court is 480-350-8271. Any person not represented by competent counsel may need to contact the Court to confirm hearings or to check on other information. There is limited parking for this court, discussed below.

City Hall West Lot Parking

The City Hall West Lot is directly across the street to the south of Tempe Municipal Court. This is not free parking.  Anyone entering this garage must pull a ticket and find a place to park within the garage.  This garage is generally busy, so it would be in a person’s best interest to arrive much earlier than the scheduled court time. The parking garage has two levels and the parking spots may be tight. However, there are generally enough spots in this garage. However, the parking locations may be closer to the top of the second level. There are elevators located on the second level of the parking garage. This may be the safest way to make it to the ground level. Otherwise, one will be walking down a ramp with traffic coming and going in both directions. Upon exiting the City Hall West Parking Garage, the courthouse is to the south across the fifth street.

Entrance to City Hall West Parking Garage
City Hall West Parking Garage

Tempe Municipal Court Entrance

To get to the entrance, one must legally cross 5th Street.  There is a marked crosswalk to the east of the parking garage. This crosswalk allows a person to cross 5th Street towards the courthouse.

The Tempe Municipal Court entrance is on the south side of the building.   Upon entry through the south doors, one must go through court security.  This is a typical type security check which requires a person to take their belt off and empty any metal objects.  Obviously a person is not allowed to carry any type of weapon or firearm into an Arizona courthouse so this should not be attempted. Moreover, one should not bring food or beverages into the Tempe courthouse.

Finding the Courtroom in the Tempe Municipal Court

Once past security, a person may find court hearing information on telescreens right before the elevator. This is important information as it will provide the entirety of the court information for a person charged.  Specifically, the telescreens immediately inside provide information for the four courts located on the second floor within Tempe Municipal.  Indeed, this information includes the defendant’s name, case number, time of hearing and courtroom assigned. 

After finding this information, a person may proceed to the courtroom and check in.  There is a sign-in sheet that is located on a desk in the courtroom.  A person not represented by counsel will wait until called upon by the prosecutor.

Initial Appearance or Pretrial Conference?

Indeed, knowing the type of hearing set is very important. Specifically, whether it is an initial appearance or a pre-trial conference. Unfortunately, a person may give up significant rights without legal representation at one of these hearings. It is important to know what to expect at either of these hearings. Please click the following links for details on the initial appearance and the pretrial conference. However, if a person retains counsel, the attorney will attend most hearings without the client. It is important to retain counsel for several reasons, including this.

If a person has any questions or concerns about this process, they should contact an attorney or the Court. Indeed, one should retain a competent Tempe criminal defense attorney as well. Call Huss Law today for a Free Consultation!

Front of Tempe Municipal Court taken from 5th Street a little bit south west of the court