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A night of hanging out at the club or having a few drinks after work is innocent enough fun.  However, the same fun night turns into a potential criminal conviction once a person decides to drive impaired.  Indeed, an Arizona misdemeanor DUI is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, which carries devastating consequences to a person with an otherwise clean record. 

Huss Law undertakes a comprehensive DUI investigation in every case. Specifically, Mr. Huss meticulously analyzes the traffic stop, roadside investigation and how the blood or breath alcohol sample are obtained. Huss Law’s experience ensures no stone is left unturned during a misdemeanor DUI investigation.

Different Theories of Misdemeanor DUI

Huss Law defends all Arizona misdemeanor DUI offenses, including:

Huss Law is Arizona’s Premier Misdemeanor DUI Defense firm. Indeed, Jeremy L. Huss has handled DUI offenses in Arizona for nearly two decades.  Mr. Huss gained significant DUI prosecution experience trying DUI cases to Arizona juries. He thoroughly investigates DUI cases and routinely places his clients in the best position to resolve their case. Call Huss Law Today for a Free Consultation!