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Driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) is a serious offense in Arizona that carries significant consequences.  Specifically, Arizona Statutes  §§28-1381 and 28-1382 govern Arizona Misdemeanor DUI offenses (GO TO HUSS LAW MISDEMEANOR DUI PAGE). And, A.R.S. §28-1383 is the Felony Aggravated DUI section (GO TO HUSS LAW FELONY AGGRAVATED DUI PAGE). Accordingly, no matter how it’s charged, anyone facing this type of investigation should contact an experienced attorney immediately.

Attorney Jeremy L. Huss has two decades of “in the trenches” experience with Driving Under the Influence prosecutions.  Significantly, he has been lead trial counsel on thousands of cases. And, he has expertise in the detailed steps of an Arizona DUI investigation, including the traffic stop, field sobriety testing/drug recognition testing, and blood and breath testing.  In addition, Mr. Huss has provided training to law enforcement officers on investigations and search and seizure. Further, he has tried countless alcohol-related cases to Arizona juries and knows what is relevant and what is not to a jury. Indeed, Mr. Huss has decades of experience and will place any person in the best position to resolve their case.

Unfortunately, it is reality is that many citizens have driven under the influence of alcohol.  Fortunately, some people may go a lifetime committing the offense with no contact from law enforcement.  Sadly, many do have contact with law enforcement, and it is a life-changing experience.  Specifically, the investigation and arrest process is humiliating, as is going through the criminal court and separate department of motor vehicle process. 

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Obviously, a DUI is a costly mistake.  It is best to retain an experienced attorney. Indeed, the attorneys at Huss Law have the experience and knowledge to put a person in the best position to resolve their case. Any person facing a DUI investigation or charges should Call Huss Law for a Free Consultation.